I blog about social media, film and the music industry at www.checkeredowl.com. I decided to tell my readers all about what makes Li.st so good.
  1. Lists don't have to be numbered, but they can be.
  2. Sometimes lists are exactly what you would expect. For instance, I made a list of my top 99 albums.
  3. Often Lists aren't all that "listy" they are stories for sharing. For example I recently read about how a fellow Lister is dealing with the ups and downs of creative life.
  4. Lists are often meaningful.
  5. Lists are often funny.
  6. It's fun when your list trends.
  7. The @list community still feels small enough to be a community.
  8. The @list community is big enough to find and grow your online circles and find really cool supportive folks.
  9. Writing things in list form is a fun creative exercise that can be surprisingly versatile!
  10. Your high school friend's grandma isn't here yet, so there is no expectation to follow anyone who's lists don't interest you.