These are ones I am watching these days...
  1. Casey Neistat
    Vlogger, daily, and great storyteller. Won YouTuber of the Year.
  2. Good Mythical Morning
    Rhett & Link delivering lots of morning show style goodness, but YouTubeyer
  3. Far Too Fast
    I'm biased because that is one of the channels I work on, but we do some fun things. Lots of Lego and movie news.
  4. Bored Shorts
    I'm sure you saw Kid History...right? If not, make sure you do. For sure.
  5. Film Riot
    If I have a question or an idea about indie film making, 90% of the time these guys have covered it AND they don't take 25 min to get to the point!
  6. TELUS Optik Local
    Again biased because they paid for my film Finding Fairies, but their STORYHIVE program is amazing and creates a ton of very cool films, music videos and web series!
  7. Luke Dowler
    Biased again... But honestly, this guy if my favourite songwriter in America today. Some fun videos too.
  8. Renman Music & Biz
    Steve Rennie, The Renman, managed Incubus for a long time, but is now focused on helping indie artists learn the biz. Great dude. Good show.
  9. JimberJam Vlog
    A little undiscovered Vlog that deserves a lot more love.
  10. YouTube Creator Academy
    Everything you could ever want to know about YouTube and/or best practices is right there.