10 pics from a great local concert Saturday in Springfield Missouri!

3 bands played. A band called Big Damn Heroes, my friends The Barnstormers and my friends The Random Strangers. They all play old style country with a lot of hard rock elements as well :) I'm not a huge country fan but I love my friends and their bands! :) and I didn't get any pics of Big Damn Heroes. Oops!!
  1. Full band pic of The Random Strangers! :)
  2. Ryan kicking ass and my Alisha friend rocking out on the drums
    She's my favorite local drummer!!! :)
  3. Badass Clinton Houseman on lead guitar for The Random Strangers :)
    Wearing a shirt of his old band that was an extremely awesome band! :)
  4. Cody Reed on bass for The Random Strangers
    That's a very beautiful and expensive bass and I love it!! Cody just made this his profile pic on Facebook. My pics are becoming appreciated by people! Lol :)
  5. Ryan Wallace of The Random Strangers looking like a badass country superstar lol.
  6. Actually got a pic of all The Barnstormers in one pic lol
  7. Dave's new guitar is damn beautiful!
  8. The Barnstormers rocking out
  9. David Byerly playing lead like a badass! With his new guitar!
    And Dave made this one his profile pic! Awesome!! :)