It's only 5 things about me for now cause I am beyond awful at describing myself :)
  1. Music is my life and my life is filled with music :) I'm a huge music nerd of many genres but mostly bands and artists much older than me :) I also love going to local shows and booking them and I love all my musician friends :)
  2. I'm smiling almost all the time :) and it shows in my texts as well :) :) :)
    That doesn't mean I'm happy all the time but mostly I for sure am :)
  3. I'm 24 years old and still trying to get my life together. It's a real work in progress dealing with all sorts of anxieties lol fun stuff lol
    I fight through my anxieties the best I can though cause that's what makes me happy :)
  4. I'm 6'3 and 170 pounds. In other words I'm tall and lanky lol also I have auburn hair, so I have a mix of red and brown hair. And no I didn't get made fun of in high school at all... As much as you'd think lol.
    Kids can be mean man lol even 18 year old high school kids.
  5. And the final thing about me at least for now is that I can be a very emotional person. Not just sadness or happiness but all of those things and more :) I have a lot of love and my capacity for love is endless :) I love all my friends with all my heart and if you become my friend I will surely love you too <3
    This also means be prepared for future lists where I explain my love for many different things and people lol :)