5 vinyl albums I own

I made a list of my top ten vinyls that I own already but I still have many other records that I cherish and deserve to be shared lol :) so here are 5 pretty much randomly selected! This list is in bite size form :)
  1. Boston by Boston
    The debut album from Boston and almost certainly the best album they ever did and one of the greatest debuts of all time :) Tom Scholz is an incredible songwriter and great lead guitar player and I love Brad Delp's vocals so much!! It does sound very 70s when you listen to it today but it's still so very good :) Notable songs on this album are literally the entire album!
  2. Face Value by Phil Collins
    Boston sounds perfectly like the 70s and this album by Phil Collins sounds perfectly like the 80s :) it's not my favorite thing Collins ever did but it's a very solid solo album and I believe it was is debut solo album? Most Notable song on this is definitely "In the Air Tonight". But my favorite song is "If Leaving Me is Easy". 😀
  3. Poems, Prayers and Promises by John Denver
    I love John Denver so much!!! Super amazing and beautiful songwriter and even when he does covers he somehow makes them more beautiful than the original. Most notable songs on this album are "Let it Be" which is of course a Beatles cover, "Take Me Home Country Roads", "Fire and Rain" a James Taylor cover and the title track "Poems, Prayers and Promises".
  4. Diana Ross presents The Jackson 5
    This one is for sure one I cherish a great deal! The debut Jackson 5 album and one that I love to listen to a lot :) most notable song is "I Want You Back". It's my favorite song on the album. Though I do really love "(I know) I'm losing you".
  5. Double Fantasy by John and Yoko
    Ok so I really really love John Lennon's songs on this album!! And I hate Yoko's songs!!!!! I hope that doesn't upset anyone lol I just really can't stand her songs. This album will have a Lennon written song followed by a Yoko written song and there is a very noticeable difference :) most notable songs are "Starting Over", "Watching the Wheels"and "Woman". My favorite song though is "Cleanup Time". :) also this is Lennon's very last album before his death.