Best and Worst Pro Wrestling Outfits Ever

I've had a love for WWE and all scripted pro wrestling for a very long time. And I love everything about it. One of my favorite things is the always outlandish and insane but totally awesome gear that they wear. So these are my favorites. Some are simple but most are ridiculous and often devoid of style 😁
  1. Ric Flair and his legitimately expensive robes
    Ric Flair went all out on his wrestling gear! He spent so much money on his damn robes and his suits that it damn near crippled him financially. But this man knew how to win a crowd over and live his gimmick lol
  2. Then you got this idiot Hulk Hogan with his color coordinated outfit and tear away shirt and boring ass tights. But hey he got REALLY popular with all that so good for you moron 💪
  3. Stone Cold Steve Austin and his plain black trunks and simple vest
    Absolutely perfect for Stone Cold's character. His gimmick was an angry man that liked to kick ass. You don't need to get complicated with it lol.
  4. Superfly Jimmy Snuka and whatever the hell that is
    Terrifying! But it worked in the 80s. Completely insane man but that's a whole other topic
  5. Dalton Castle from Ring Of Honor
    First guy on this list not from WWE! Very charismatic and great character this is lol and very interesting ring gear. He really makes it work! Even though he looks ridiculous. That's pretty much the point though.
  6. Macho Man Randy Savage and all that great crap he's wearing lol
    Not much to say other than the perfect gimmick for a crazy and awesome wrestler. Seeing all that go to the ring during his sweet entrance was magic lol.
  7. The Red Rooster 🐔
    Dumbest. Gimmick. Ever. Drink it in man lol
  8. Doink the Clown and his creepy ass clown shit
    For a long time when I was younger, if you asked me to name a famous clown, I would have said Doink lol.
  9. Brutus the Barber Beefcake 💇‍♂️
    Awful wrestler, awful gimmick. But check out that great gear lol and hair! Just guess what decade he is from 😆
  10. Barry Darsow as the Repo Man
    Fucking. Ridiculous. Barry Darsow had many gimmicks in WWE. The best one was Smash of the group Demolition. Repo Man is the worst gimmick lol he went around taking people's stuff claiming they didn't make payments on it. Such a dumb idea lol.
  11. Duke the dumpster
    Good lord they got ridiculous with the gimmicks back in the day
  12. Sting from the late 90s
    So awesome! Obvious Crow ripoff but damn it was really cool until WCW screwed up the storyline after like a year.
  13. Glacier aka the sub zero ripoff
    He looks pretty cool. Too bad it was somebody else's idea lol oh WCW how I miss your terribleness 😊
  14. Demolition: Ax and Smash
    Fantastic 80s team lol cheesy in every other decade but fit very well in their time frame. Also I recommend looking up their entrance music lol it's very awesome 👏
  15. The Undertaker. Probably the best gimmick ever. And longest lasting lol.
  16. Kane and this badass thing he's wearing.
    I always loved Kane as a kid even though he scared me lol. He was so cool though. I can watch Kane chokeslam people all day and never get bored lol
  17. The Shockmaster
    Yes he fell during his entrance and ruined his character and was embarrassing. But is it more embarrassing than a storm trooper helmet looking thing covered in glitter?