I'm drunk and I've been down and depressing so this is going to be a nice list :) a loving list if you will
  1. I love you li.st
    No matter what you do. Take my drafts. I don't give a fuck. I love you. You made me realize that I could find like minded people that I love and love me too 😍❤️
  2. I love you
    Girl I shall not name. But if you were on li.st you wouldn't need me to say a name. Just remember I love you. I know you do ❤️
  3. I love Wrestlemania
    Yes I'm scared of how WWE will book it. But I still love it and am very excited for it! It's tomorrow!!!! Which is Sunday!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!
  4. To be continued
    Live list FTW
  5. I love my family
    It goes without saying but I'm saying it anyway ❤️
  6. I love my Li.st family!!
    That means all of you that read this!!! I love you!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  7. "Can't find a better list". couldn't help it lol even though you can absolutely find a better list than this lol