Crushes from popular TV shows I had as a young boy... And possibly still do for some lol

This might be a weird thing to some people but it's just my feelings when I was a young boy lol prepare to be shocked at some of these! Lol :)
  1. DJ Tanner from Full House
    This is such an obvious one for me lol. Now yes this show started before I was born but as for many of these shows I watched them many years later and when I saw DJ for the first time I fell in love so hard. Well as hard as an 8 year old can fall in love lol
  2. Topanga from Boy Meets World
    This show really helped me when I was a kid in school and Topanga was so beautiful to me and I wanted to be Cory lol. I'm sure I'm not alone on this one lol
  3. Daphne from Frasier
    I was a sophisticated child at times that enjoyed Frasier lol. I loved Daphne so much and really loved her accent :) and she was so sweet and funny!
  4. Velma from Scooby Doo
    Ok this one is just ridiculous but I really loved Velma when I was very young lol. Maybe it's cause she was just as nerdy as me lol :)
  5. This list will for sure be to be continued lol I know I'm missing a lot that I just can't think of at the moment lol. I'm so weird good grief!
  6. Donna from That 70s Show
    How could I forget Donna!!! I love Redheads!!! And not just because I am one lol. This was a big crush I had. And I've been compared to Eric multiple times so this one was actually realistic in my own head when I was younger lol :)
  7. Rory from Gilmore Girls
    Yes when I was younger I watched the Gilmore Girls a lot! I must admit though as a boy who was growing rapidly I probably mainly was watching it for Rory at first lol. I really loved everything about her personality and she was so pretty and I wanted to find a girl just like her :) that didn't work out lol.
  8. Phoebe from Friends
    My favorite show ever :) my Friends obsession began very young for me and I'm in love with Phoebe so much! I'm always a sucker for a songwriter that sings and plays guitar lol :)