the first of hopefully many lists where I share my love of different styles of music and it would be super cool if you wanted to check them out and maybe find more music for you to enjoy :)
  1. Delta blues legend Robert Johnson. Notable songs include "Kind Hearted Woman Blues", "32-20 Blues", "Hellhound on my Trail", "Me and the Devil blues"
    Born 1911. Little is known about his life and his legend has grown to epic proportions. The most amazing myth is the one that he sold his soul to the Devil to become a masterful guitar player. But what is known are his amazing recordings and the fact that he WAS for sure a masterful guitar player with beautiful slide work and a raw and beautiful singing voice and a masterful songwriter with very emotional and meaningful lyrics.
  2. Lead Belly. Notable songs include "In The Pines", "Hitler Song", "Gwine Dig a Hole to Put the Devil in", "Backslider Fare Thee Well"
    Born 1889. Both a blues and folk musician who had an amazingly strong beautiful voice and primarily played the 12 string guitar. But he played other instruments too. On "Big fat woman" he plays the piano and it is awesome!! I really love his guitar playing especially on the songs "Black girl" and "Death Letter Blues". I'm usually in awe listening to his guitar.
  3. Blind Willie McTell. Notable songs include "You got to die", "Lay Some Flowers on my grave", "Three Women Blues", "Statesboro Blues"
    Born 1898. McTell is one of my all time favorites because of his smooth vocals and I love me some fingerstyle guitar playing. :) his style was Piedmont blues and he played a beautiful 12 string guitar. "You got to die" is a very beautiful song and damn I love his guitar playing on that one so much! Trying to keep these explanations shorter lol.
  4. Blind Willie Johnson. Notable songs include "Dark was the night", "Jesus make up my dying bed", "It's Nobody's fault but mine", "Motherless Children", "John the Revelator".
    Born 1897. This man can be described as American gospel blues singer and awesome slide guitar player with an amazingly powerful voice. He only recorded 30 songs but he did in a span of 3 years. And my favorite song of his is definitely "Dark was the Night". Its a beautiful song that has no actual lyrics but has him playing guitar and moaning through it basically. It's so pretty and also dark and eerie at the same time which is what he was going for.
  5. I will continue this later for sure! This is way too much fun to stop! <3