Funniest characters from Space Ghost: Coast to coast

And also other space ghost related shows minus the original in the 60s only cause it wasn't a comedy lol and minus the Brak show cause I might make a separate list for that since there are more characters lol
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    Moltar is hilarious but he just isn't on screen enough to be truly hilarious lol. But I love when he just has his own agenda or doing his own stupid thing while he's supposed to be producing the show lol.
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    Space ghost is great of course and is probably funniest when interviewing celebrities. Also his interactions with Zorak are extremely funny and blowing up Zorak is always a classic lol. And I love when my tv characters are clueless funny morons lol.
  3. 2.
    Zorak is really damn funny whenever he opens his mouth. Honestly he's not even the 2nd funniest. He's really tied for 1st lol. I love how much Zorak hates Space Ghost and talks shit on him constantly. Also Zorak jokes are the freaking best! Zorak was my favorite until Brak appeared on the show lol.
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    Of course Brak is number 1!!! Also funny whenever he opens his mouth! And damn near everything he does has me in tears I laugh so hard 😹😂 all his songs and stories and the fact that he's like an adult 5 year old lol