I don't act like this often. I tend to keep things in often. But I'm also not usually this drunk
  1. I need help
  2. My heart is broken
  3. It's not new news
  4. But I hate losing friends
  5. Where did they go?
  6. I still love you friends
  7. If you think I don't than you are mistaken
  8. I want you all to be happy
  9. But why did you leave?
  10. If you were dating me I'd understand
  11. Since I have no job right now
  12. And no money
  13. And live with my parents
  14. But I just want to be your friend
  15. That's all
  16. Someone who is there for you and tries to help in anyway I can
  17. Cause I care for you dearly and I love you unconditionally
  18. So even if you don't ever talk to me again I'll still always love you
  19. This isn't to one person
  20. It's to many
  21. Most aren't on list so you will never see this
  22. But I talk to myself so much that it gets incredibly boring
  23. So I have to tell someone else
  24. Like all my lovely li.st friends :) ❤️ I love you all!