A list about how you can love and hate a certain thing and the many emotions that go along with that. In this case it's an inanimate object.
  1. I hate trains because a train killed three members of my family. My grandpas parents and his sister. Sure it wasn't the trains fault or the person in control of the train. Maybe you could blame the crossing that didn't have a light or really anything to tell you a train was coming
    But that's a dumb super small town for you. Maybe they were arguing and they couldn't hear the train. Maybe it was partly their fault. I don't care. I hate trains
  2. I love trains because my autistic nephew loves trains and they bring him great joy. He loves Thomas the train and all of Thomas's train friends 😊 my nephew has trouble some days with people not understanding him and it can be very hard for him. But when I see his face light up when he has a toy train in his hands it makes me cry happy tears ❤️
  3. I hate trains because a lot of our crossings don't have all the lights and things that they should have. You just have to look carefully and listen for a train. Which has almost killed a few people around here. I've had a couple close calls. And so have some people I know.
    Always cross the tracks with your windows down and the radio off.
  4. I love trains because they are fascinating to look at and quite beautiful and magnificent mechanical creations
  5. I hate trains because they caused my grandpa a massive amount of pain
  6. I love trains because they were very important with transporting people to places they needed to go back when there weren't many other options. Yeah I know they still do that but you couldn't pay me to get on a train. I should get over that though.
  7. I may love and hate trains. But I am NOT afraid of trains anymore. My grandpa lived in the same town where his family was killed by that train and that train would run through their back yard. He crossed those tracks to see their graves at the cemetery. And he wasn't afraid of them. He was very cautious. But never afraid.
    He taught us to be extremely cautious but never ever afraid. I have to remember that.
  8. Their graves are at the far back of the cemetery. Which means they are the closest to the tracks where they died and almost the exact spot. They aren't the only ones that died on those tracks. Others that lived in that town died by that train too.
  9. Not sure why I decided to make this list. I think about them sometimes. It feels better to get those feelings out when I think about them. I hope that everyone out there is safe when crossing railroad tracks but if you aren't for some reason just please be careful.