Oh my god I'm so excited to see this movie! Here are my thoughts I guess lol
  1. "It" comes out on September 8th which is a day before my birthday!!
  2. I'm so going to see it in the theater! I've decided this definitely yes!!
  3. I rarely go to the movie theater to see a movie.
    Don't usually want to to spend the money
  4. But there are exceptions.
  5. This one is around my birthday!
  6. And I love Stephen King!
  7. I haven't read all his books but I've read a lot and I love his writing so much! Sadly I haven't actually finished reading "It". But I will lol. It's a big damn book.
  8. Now this movie doesn't involve Stephen King but I'm told the director has tried to keep to the book as much as he can. And I love that!
  9. And be warned if you want to see it because I'm also told that it will be more violent and darker than the original TV movie.
  10. And I think this movie will be split up into two movies? But that's not confirmed.
  11. Anyways I loved the original movie but I believe I will enjoy this one much more!
  12. Yes Tim Curry is a legend and was a PERFECT Pennywise the clown but I've heard great things about the new guy! Can't remember his name though sadly lol.
  13. I have been trying to find people to see this with but I doubt that will happen.
  14. Still I want to go so if I have to go alone than I will!! :)
  15. That will be a big deal for me though because of my MASSIVE amounts of anxiety that run through my entire being
    I'm getting better though 😊
  16. Horror movies give me the good type of anxiety so seeing the movie alone will actually be fine for me 😊
  17. I've loved horror movies forever! Unless someone shows up to the theater dressed like a clown
  18. In that case I'm fucking sprinting out of the movie
  19. I'm more anxious about talking to the damn employees and getting my ticket!
  20. But I'll power through because this movie is worth it!!!
  21. Oh my god I'm so incredibly excited for this!!!!
  22. Don't know if I'll go immediately but there is a real possibility that I'll go opening night ❤️ also something I don't usually do.