I like to watch only a few sports but Tennis is by far my favorite 😁and these are the players I love watching the most these days 😊
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    Serena Williams
    It doesn't get better than watching this incredible woman play tennis. Sure she has her off days but most of the time when you watch her play you know that you are watching the best ever. In Tennis usually when hit the age of 30 you start to decline. But that's changing and Serena is a big part of that. 35 years old and still the best πŸŽΎπŸ‘‘
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    Roger Federer
    At his current age of 36 years old he shouldn't be as good as he still is. He's not at his peak of course and he's well past being the greatest like he once was. But every so often at a grand slam tournament you see that greatness shine. He still has that amazing power and quickness and that unbelievable forehand. And the most powerful serve I've ever seen.
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    Garbine Muguruza
    The proof that the future of women's tennis is in good hands. She's 23 years old and is already so damn good. Already has a win against Serena under her belt when she won in the finals at the 2016 French open. She's so damn aggressive and I love that style of play 😊
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    Andy Murray
    I do love Andy Murray even though he is more of a defensive player which isn't my favorite style. But his matches are always entertaining to watch. A lot of passion with this man too. Doesn't make errors often. I love his matches with Djokovic and also his matches with Federer were very fun and hard fought. Also he is worlds number 1 but he is losing it in like 2 days because he's injured right now lol. So that sucks.
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    This list needs to continue but what the hell I may as well post it now and add to it later.