I'm sure I'm missing a lot because I don't want to get too crazy with this list lol. I'll try to jump around so I don't linger in the same genre too long. Or else I'll be making this list for eternity. And certainly no particular order. 😊 and so I'm not typing forever I'll be saying almost nothing about each choice lol. Thank you @veshecco 😊
  1. The Beatles
    I said no particular order but yeah the Beatles are number one always for me
  2. Steven Wilson
  3. Jethro Tull
  4. L7
  5. Soundgarden
  6. Pearl Jam
  7. Marshal Tucker band
  8. Moody Blues
  9. Blind Willie Mctell
  10. Lead Belly
  11. Slayer
  12. Metallica
  13. Opeth
  14. The Dillinger Escape Plan
    Best Math metal band ever. And yes that is a huge compliment. They are unbelievably talented musicians
  15. Pantera
  16. Genesis
  17. Ryan Adams
  18. Ghost
  19. Primus
  20. Depeche Mode
    Not confident in the spelling
  21. Nirvana
  22. Volbeat
  23. Ed Sheeran
  24. The Misfits
  25. The New York Dolls
  26. The Stooges
  27. The Ramones
  28. The Dead Kennedys
  29. Cream
  30. Rush
  31. The Who
  32. Led Zeppelin
  33. Johnny Cash
  34. Nine Inch Nails
  35. Adele
  36. Faith No More
  37. Bob Dylan
  38. The Doors 🚪
  39. Wu Tang Clan
  40. Public Enemy
  41. Avenged Sevenfold
  42. Hank Williams Sr
  43. Jerry Lee Lewis
  44. Boy hits car
  45. R.E.M.
  46. Babymetal
  47. Nightwish
  48. I'm missing so much and it's driving my brain crazy. But I must stop lol. Every artist I mentioned has been an absolute influence and very important part of my life and makes me feel a thousand different amazing emotions and I'm forever grateful. Also to every artist I forgot and left off this list I'm very sorry from the bottom of my heart lol.