My Jethro Tull Vinyl Albums

This list will grow when I buy more Jethro Tull albums 😊
  1. Benefit (1970)
    This is a great Jethro Tull rocker similar to Aqualung. The main differences are this one came first and has less popular songs. But that doesn't make this album any less amazing. "To cry you a song" and "Teacher" are fantastic songs and the most notable on the album. But the whole album is pretty solid 😀
  2. Aqualung (1971)
    Amazing Jethro Tull rocker that's also on my top ten vinyl albums list 😊 a truly classic album that I cherish very much 😊 I can't say anything new that I haven't already said. Except maybe that I actually used to hate this band when I was a kid. I really don't remember why lol they are one of my favorites of all time now 😀
  3. Living in the Past (1972)
    This is a double album and compilation album which is a weird thing to already have for a band that had only been around for 4 or 5 years lol but still it's a pretty great album 😀
  4. Minstrel in the Gallery (1975)
    This one is so weird yet so cool. A pretty epic rocker this one is 😊 it fires right out of the gate with the song Minstrel in the Gallery which is like an epic rock journey. Jethro Tull was always good with that progressive rock style and great story telling 😊 also fantastic riffs 😀
  5. Songs from the Wood (1977)
    I love this album so very very much 😀 it sends me to another land altogether. It's very magical!! 😀 it makes me feel like I'm playing a Final Fantasy game lol. This is the first of Jethro Tulls folk rock albums. And it was a very brilliant thing to do because the piano and organ and lute and all those instruments they use on this work perfectly in a folk setting and Ian Anderson's flute definitely works well in this setting 😀