Haven't watched this in forever. I've only watched the first one like once or twice lol. I'm a Stephen King fan though so I'll watch it :) even though King probably does not endorse this lol
  1. Oh shit it came out the year I was born. 1992. Hell yeah lol
  2. Oh shit the kid from Terminator 2 is in this?????? The king of sequels baby lol
  3. Awww he's cute in this movie. I hope he lives...
  4. Oh well this movie is taking a different turn than the first one. The kids mom dies from a freak accident on a movie set???
  5. Well this is starting with just great 👍
  6. Wait.... does he try to ressurect his mom???? The movie is called pet sematary you idiots lol
  7. It's not called human sematary.... dumbasses
  8. Oh wait maybe they do resurrect a dog too? I can't remember the first movie so maybe that's why I'm lost
  9. Or maybe it's cause of the vodka lol
  10. This movie sucks so far
  11. "You look different than you sounded on the phone"??? What the fuck does that mean guy?
  12. I'm seriously not following anything that's happening.
  13. Hard to follow when drinking vodka
  14. Ohhhh the dad is a vet!! Makes sense why he took over an old abandoned clinic. And found cats still in it?? Who makes that mistake?
  15. This movie is so nineties I love it lol
  16. Why did he take a kitten to school?
  17. That bully just took that kitten? Kick his ass John Connor.
  18. Even though you aren't John Connor in this movie
  19. I wish I was watching Terminator 2 much better movie
  20. Oh so he brings the cat back to life. This is going to go well I'm sure.
  21. Oh not yet I guess.
  22. This movie is full of cliches lol
  23. This stepdad of this one kid is a dickhole
  24. Oh shit. An awkward short sex scene. This is definitely the 90s
  25. Stepdad dickhole just killed his stepsons dog. That guy better die first
  26. This movies going to make me cry
  27. Resurrecting this dog seems like a bad idea lol
  28. Stepdad asshole is the first to die. Pretty predictable lol
  29. I would say spoiler alert but no one should watch this shitty movie lol
  30. Oh no they bring the stepdad back to life too?? Oh shit this is going to be bad.
  31. Oh god no... yeah that didn't end well. This movie is messed up
  32. More screwed up than the first movie lol
  33. "Shitlist" by L7 starting playing so that was a pleasant surprise lol
  34. So being resurrected from the pet sematary makes you a psychopath? I don't understand
  35. For being a stupid ass movie it was actually pretty interesting.
  36. But that's probably because it came from an original idea from Stephen King. Who probably had nothing to do with this ridiculous movie lol