I don't mean to complain but this damn day is breaking my spirit
  1. Ok so first of all it's raining ☔️ and it won't stop!
  2. The roads around us were already flooded from days before and it's still raining!!!
  3. It's not too bad I guess cause there is at least one road that won't flood around us so I can still get to town if I need to
  4. But the rain has done such a number on the dirt roads and has made it pretty dangerous and painful to drive on lol
  5. But the worst is what's happening in this house.
  6. Our basement is a finished basement.
  7. And my parents are watching tv down there right now.
  8. And the basement is flooding.
  9. Which means I go down there every so often and use the carpet cleaner vacuum thing to suck up water gallons at a time. And there is an ENORMOUS amount of water down there
  10. I don't mind it because I like doing physical activity like that but damn I do wish the rain would stop!
  11. It's hard for me to keep up with it!
  12. I'm worried I won't be able to!
  13. But I'm going to stay up all night and work on it
  14. I will beat this damn rain into submission!!!
  15. There is so much damn water downstairs!
  16. I'm taking a break now.
  17. I'm fully expecting to swim when I go back down there
  18. It's raining harder now
  19. I'm tired and my feet are wet and I have my pajama pants rolled up to my knees... I look insane
  20. I'm going to finish my homemade mac and cheese and than I will go downstairs one last time to suck out as much damn water as I possibly can. Than my tired ass is going to sleep!
  21. At least we have an upstairs though. It's dry as hell up here 😀
  22. Finally done! Finally can sleep 😊 oh and it hasn't been raining for a few hours now so that's good news 😊 maybe we will still have a downstairs after all lol
  23. Although it does still feel like you are walking through a swamp down there. I couldn't get all of the water out. I got most of it!