My pics from local area concerts.

A lot of my time consists of booking and attending local shows that my friends play at :) so this is dedicated to all my talented musician friends! A lot of bands will appear more than once lol. And you will know none of these people but take my word that they are all very talented lol :)
  1. Barnstormers live at Jim's Roadhouse
    This is BJ Pruitt. He is lead singer and guitar player for the Barnstormers :) I'm not usually a big fan of country music but these guys play it well :) they have a red dirt country sound and play a lot of great classic covers. Also they have great originals :)
  2. Another Barnstormers pic from the same show :)
  3. Me!!
    Here's me from that show lol just to show how much I smile. I do that all the time lol.
  4. Me again!!
    This show was at a bar so yeah I was a tad on the drunk side lol I don't drink often but when I do I tend to look like that!
  5. My best friend David Byerly
    Dave is a great and crazy man! Fantastic guitar player! He's also in the Barnstormers. He's playing his awesome Dobro in this.
  6. Dave and his Dobro again
    Because why not? Also I don't know why every time I take pics inside of the roadhouse it looks like I'm in the depths of hell. It's a pretty nice little place.
  7. Jeremy Wiltse bass player extraordinaire
    This is Jeremy. Very socially awkward and quiet at times but he is a really impressive bass player and a pretty nice guy. Doesn't always like his picture being taken lol.
  8. I honestly can't remember this guys name
    It was really hot this day and this guy wasn't very good but he was cool. I think he was just a bit rusty cause he hadn't played a show in a few decades.
  9. Trevor presents Matt Harper at Christ Church.
    This was the first show I ever put together by myself for the most part and almost no one showed up lol but that wasn't Matt's fault. I blame this small town we live in lol.
  10. The Barnstormers live at the Roadhouse again.
    The Barnstormers play the Roadhouse quite a lot! :) and this pic features them and some drunk people requesting songs :)
  11. You can probably tell where this is at at this point lol :D
  12. Matt Harper again :)
    This one is at a wine selling place. Matt plays great folk covers and some great original folk songs of his own :)
  13. Music on the Square
    From left to right this is Cody Reed, Dan Devine and Lorrie Devine. Great country musicians and I love them all :) Dan has a very deep and raspy voice it's awesome!
  14. Dan Devine
    Just look at how awesome he is!
  15. Cody Reed
    Cody has long hair and sometimes resembles Jesus from all those paintings lol.
  16. Blackjack Billy at Bushwhacker days in Nevada Mo
    These guys are a fairy successful country band from Nashville that came down to tiny Nevada to have a great show :) wonderful songwriters these guys are!
  17. Blackjack Billy again
    I'm proud my camera sucks lol good cameras don't get gems like this!
  18. This guy from Blackjack Billy
    Got to show Bass players some love! Even if I don't know his name :)
  19. Dave Byerly has a beautiful guitar!!
    He has many beautiful guitars actually
  20. The Barnstormers again! This time in a blurry pic at Holmtown pub in Fort Scott Kansas :)
    This was a fun show!! A lot of people were there if I recall correctly :)
  21. Adam Halls beautiful drum kit :)
  22. Dave again! This time with an unbelievable unkempt fro lol
    Best way to describe that lol this was in Joplin Mo.
  23. Me and Dave guitar shopping before his show
  24. I barely remember this show. Can't remember which band this is but Dave was in it! This was at a sweet pizza place in Joplin
  25. It's blurry but this is my favorite Dave guitar
  26. The Barnstormers again!
    I love how colorful this place is. Although the cover charge was 10 dollars which is a bit insane lol
  27. And lastly Mr. Adam Hall and his awesome drums :)
  28. Maybe I'll do this again with more pictures! Many many more! :)