My Ten Seasons of Friends and the journey to perfection

As a child I fell in love with this TV show and I bought each season as they came out on DVD :) It may not be the funniest in the world or the most dramatic or the most fun filled or whatever but it has always been my favorite show :) and I've seen it so freaking many times. I'm the best at Friends trivia :) not bragging it's only the truth :)
  1. Season 1 aka the one where everyone is super young and Ross is terrible at flirting. Also Monica has bad taste in men. And Chandler has the most funny jokes.
    I probably bought this around 2003 or so I think. I think they started making these DVDs around 2002. I love this season a lot and the best episode might be the blackout episode. Even though I hate Paolo or however the hell you say his name. And birth of Ben is a great episode too :)
  2. Season 2 aka the birth of the Rachel haircut and Joey being a soap Opera star and Monica meets a good guy. Too bad he happens to be 21 years older than her.
    I can't remember when I bought all these honestly lol I'm guessing not long after it was released so I'll just roll with that lol the storyline with Julie and Ross and Rachel is a good one on this season. I love how sweet Julie is and how much Rachel hates her just cause she's with Ross lol
  3. Season 3 aka Chandler is super skinny, Ross and Rachel are together for a few episodes before Ross cheats and We Were On A Break is said and Monica and Richard are friends for one episode after there breakup in season 2
    The football episode is so awesome!! I'm also a huge fan of the giant poking deceive episode. My exes favorite episode is the one with the Dollhouse. She always loved that one :) I did too! :)
  4. Season 4 aka Ross gets married to Emily, Phoebe gets pregnant with her brothers triplets and Chandler kisses Joeys girlfriend.
    The episode with the embryos where everyone plays the trivia game about each other is for sure the best episode on here!
  5. Season 5 aka the one where Phoebe has her brothers triplets, Monica and Chandler are having sex and slowly everyone finds that out. Also everyone goes to Vegas.
    Almost all episodes are pretty solid on this one with all the different storylines going on
  6. Season 6 aka the fallout from Ross and Rachel getting married in Vegas, Ross later dates one of his students (ewwww) and Chandler and Monica get engaged with a shit ton of candles around them. Like the smoke alarm could have easily been triggered.
    The one that could have been is such a phenomenal episode even though it doesn't progress the storyline at all even slightly.
  7. Season 7 aka the one where Monica and Chandler get married and Rachel dates her assistant and Ross writes a book... Not a lot of storylines in this one cause everyone is so focused on the wedding stuff lol
    Monica and Chandlers wedding episode is great! Oh and the holiday armadillo episode is probably the funniest :)
  8. Season 8 aka Rachel is pregnant with Ross's baby and Phoebe falls for her sister's fiancé and Ross dates Mona and Rachel has the baby after an insane amount of time in the hospital
    The one where Chandler takes a bath is a great episode! This one is full of great episodes!!
  9. Season 9 aka not a lot happens except a lot of cute Emma episodes and Phoebe and Mike start dating. Also it ends with everyone going to Barbados!
    The Barbados episode is great!! So is the Christmas in Tulsa episode :)
  10. And finally Season 10 of Friends! Aka the one where Joey and Rachel kiss, Ross is absolutely not fine with it lol, Ross dates and is dumped later by Charlie. Monica and Chandler find a house and find a mother to adopt their child from and Phoebe and Mike get married and Rachel and Ross finally get back together just in time for the end of the show!
    I can barely watch this season it bums me out
  11. Here's where I keep all my Ten seasons of Friends :) I love that they are all different colors it looks awesome lol :)