I'm watching on my DVR so I'm a tad behind. These are just my thoughts of this great show that I love as I watch it :) I'm not ashamed to say that lol I'll scream it lol I LOVE SCRIPTED WRESTLING!!!! :)
  1. Is this voiceover guy recapping the previous weeks storyline new? Or did I miss something? It's interesting lol.
    It's a bit long of a video package though lol
  2. I like Seth Rollins entrance music. I don't like that stupid shirt.
  3. Wow Seth Rollins is finally calling out Triple H. About time to get that feud started after months of ignoring it lol
  4. I like this Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens rivalry but I hate how long these opening segments are. Good grief just wrestle already.
  5. Cool Big Show is back!!! Just like I heard he would be. Down from 500 pounds to 395. Pretty big achievement for a literal giant :) I hope this match with Seth Rollins will be good. It might be terrible though. Never can tell with big show.
  6. That was a very exaggerated reaction from a shoulder block Rollins. It's the big show coming at you not an 18 wheeler.
  7. That was actually kinda cool big show just walking away so Rollins could pedigree Owen. Advances the storyline and doesn't really hurt anyone involved and gives big show a nice boost with the fans. Seeing as he probably won't be on TV too much anymore
  8. I like the cruiserweight matches a lot but they really need to give them more storylines. At least they seem to be doing that with this Jack Gallagher guy! Man he is very white.
  9. I love these backstage segments with Jericho and Owens lol just awesome lol
  10. Enzo and Cass are really great at backstage segments. The absolute best at it actually lol
  11. This Sami Zayn Kevin Owens match is pretty awesome. Kinda some scary spots like Owens dumped on his head about 3 times lol but solid match with Owens winning. I approve :) and the crowd was into it and that's what really matters.
  12. Crowd still doesn't care for T.J. Perkins at all. He should probably turn heel soon.
  13. I still have to finish this lol and smackdown live tonight lol oh well I have them on DVR :) they can wait lol.
  14. Ok I'm watching again. Rich Swan beat Perkins. Good cause Swan is the cruiserweight champion and he shouldn't lose on a random RAW. sounds easy to book but WWE has screwed that up in the past lol
  15. Alicia Fox is still unbelievably terrible