1. A lot of sleeping
  2. Cough drops... Many many cough drops
    They are like a drug when you have a bad sore throat. Still could be worse. I had the worse sore throat ever when I had Mono.
  3. An unbelievable amount of tissues used on my unusually large red nose :)
  4. Quite a bit of cold and flu medicine and painkillers
  5. My back hurts
  6. Listening to some pretty great music :)
  7. Watching some pretty great tv! :)
  8. I hope this goes away soon 😬😁
  9. I feel pretty good now. Hope it doesn't get worse at night
  10. It always gets worse at night.
  11. I always wondered why that is lol
  12. I'm watching That 70s Show so I'm pretty happy now
  13. Maybe a little lonely