Pictures of me

By far the most vain thing I'll ever do on here. And probably the least popular thing but oh well lol. It's happening lol. Just another glimpse at things I do. Like smile... a lot
  1. β€’
    Probably 19 with a thick head of hair! Maybe 20
    Look at all that red. Good god it's ridiculous.
  2. β€’
    One extreme to another. This was earlier this year
    Also my justice league shirt is too small for me. I seriously bought it when I was in the 6th grade.
  3. β€’
    Earlier this year. Probably will never have it this short again.
    Man I smile a lot
  4. β€’
    Recent. I take the same pics like every damn time
  5. β€’
    Me and my brother. I was 18
    Longest my hair got ever
  6. β€’
    Me and my Big Lebowski shirt
  7. β€’
    Me and my hat I got at a thrift store lol
  8. β€’
    My friends dressed me up. I was 18 or around there lol
  9. β€’
    I wear a leather jacket a lot
  10. β€’
    So much smiles
  11. β€’
    Prom lol
  12. β€’
    My buddy Indian Bob 😊
  13. β€’
  14. β€’
    Don't remember the circumstances but I was having fun lol
  15. β€’
    What I look like now pretty much... Minus the drunk face
  16. β€’
    Me right now. No I'm not drinking. You are drinking πŸ˜€πŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΈπŸΈπŸΉπŸΉ
  17. β€’
    Me and my friends!!!
    And my sweet leather jacket lol how did I forget to add this pic??
  18. β€’
    More of me and my friends! :)
    I'm wearing an Alamo Black shirt. A great band! The long haired guy holding the skateboard is the singer and songwriter and founder of Alamo Black :)
  19. β€’
    Good grief. Wouldn't post this worthless trash sober but I don't care now :)
  20. β€’
    My hair is getting very long again almost to the point of being uncontrollable. But I like it this way lol.
  21. β€’
    I'm drunk!
  22. β€’
    I think my hair grew like three inches last night.
  23. β€’
  24. β€’
  25. β€’
    Vodka face
  26. β€’
    I think I was cooking spaghetti 🍝😁
  27. β€’
  28. β€’
    Posing with pasta sauce 😁
  29. β€’
    My Slayer shirt has been with me forever lol 😊