Selfies with my nieces and nephews 😀

I don't have selfies with my nephews yet but I will soon lol they don't like to take selfies much so it might be hard lol my nieces love it though lol 😊
  1. Me and Lillia girl!!! ❤️
  2. She loves when uncle Trevor gets silly lol
    Uncle Trevor talks in third person :)
  3. Me and Emmy girl! ❤️
  4. She's so good at posing :)
  5. Until she's bored with it lol
  6. And hits me in the face 😂
  7. Me and Colton! ❤️
  8. Colton also likes silly uncle Trevor lol
  9. I love this silly little man ❤️
  10. Emmy gives a good smile for the camera and I look like an idiot lol.