Songs I listened to today 3/22/17

  1. This Is Love by Gary Numan
    Such an emotional and heart wrenching breakup song. It destroys me but heals me at the same time because it's so beautiful!
  2. Are "Friends" Electric by Gary Numan
    On a bit of a Gary Numan kick lol the absolute king of electro pop and techno pop or new wave or whatever the hell you want to call it. It's just really great music but an amazing singer/songwriter. I definitely love this song because of its science fiction element and its place in the whole story the album tells :)
  3. 20 eyes by the Misfits
    And of course some great horror punk is always lovely for me :) especially the legendary Misfits! There's more of a heaviness that The Misfits brought to punk that made it much more appealing to me when I was a young child and I grew to love other punk bands but these guys started my love for punk rock :)
  4. Small Victory by Faith No More
    Solid Faith No More song :) one of my favorites!! Mike Patton has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard.
  5. Lounge Act by Nirvana
    I was never a huge fan of Nevermind. I know it's a huge album and there are a lot of great songs on it but I always gravitated to the craziness of In utero and Bleach but when I actually bought Nevermind a few years ago and listened to the whole album again I gained a whole new respect for it and Lounge Act became one of my favorite Nirvana songs of all! :)