I am very hard to wake up sometimes. So I need very loud music blasting from my phone to wake me up. But all my Alarms work in different ways. They all have there job to do lol they are all set for a specific reason and these alarms are from many years back in some cases. So here we go into the world of my alarms 😀
  1. Limerent Death by The Dillinger Escape Plan https://youtu.be/6p4tQUBtsBw
    This bone crunching, earth rattling frantic breakup song by an extremely talented math metal band never fails to wake me up in the morning. It's one of my current alarms and it makes me hop out of my bed and instantly gives me all the energy in the world lol ⚡️🔥💥☀️🌏🌍🌎🏇🚵🏻🏄🏻🏊🏻🚣🏼⛹🏽
  2. No Time to Bleed by Suicide Silence https://youtu.be/K-FsyfGpxm8
    Same basic concept as the previous song except I was 18 when I used this song lol I'm not into this type of metal as much anymore. But it was really effective to wake up to lol drove my mom insane lol. She is NOT a Suicide Silence fan 😊
  3. Too Tough to Die by the Ramones https://youtu.be/qRAha8VLs4E
    Sometimes you don't want to wake up to ear shattering great metal music. Sometimes you want a lighter side but not too light because you still want to wake up with full energy! So the Ramones are the way to go :) especially this song which sums me up perfectly lol 😀
  4. Keep on Loving You by REO Speedwagon https://youtu.be/iNhW4aLCssQ
    Because sometimes you want to wake up crying.
  5. And it stoned me by Van Morrison https://youtu.be/cuyENi0cPjg
    Great song but awful at waking me up. You are fired Van Morrison.
  6. I need to try out new alarms soon. Starting to get repetitive lol