The Case of the Missing Shoe and which niece/nephew of mine was the Culprit

I went to go put on my shoes today and I only found one shoe. So I looked everywhere all over the house and could not find it lol. I wasn't mad or anything cause I figured it was one of my nieces and nephews but I did think it was hilarious and it took me forever to find my shoe lol
  1. I still don't know which one did it but let's go through and see if we can figure it out by how guilty they seem in pictures lol and if they seem like they would hide my shoe for fun lol
  2. Was it this adorable little girl? My 4 year old niece Lillia? You might think that she's too sweet to hide uncle Trevor's shoe but I'd totally believe it lol she's put things in my shoes before which can be alarming if you don't check your shoes lol
  3. Or was it this adorable guy? My 5 year old nephew Colton :) I'm actually thinking its not Colton because he would find it disgusting to pick up my shoe lol but anything is possible! He does consider himself to be a very hilarious comedian lol
  4. I'm fairly certain it wasn't this adorable baby :) 2 month old Emmy :) I'd be very impressed though lol
  5. My bet is this little guy :) my 2 year old nephew Landon :) he's always up to something :) taking out toys for no reason other than to take them out and not play with them lol taking things from one place and putting them in another place lol which is why I'm pretty sure he's the one that put my shoe behind the staircase lol
  6. Colton again lol with his hood on indoors. Funny child :)
  7. Colton likes to take selfies too lol
  8. Colton and Emmy :) so cute!!
  9. Lillia and her baby sister Emmy :) Lillia is such a good big sis!!
  10. Me launching Colton on the trampoline :) I'm very safe though lol :)
  11. Colton and Lillia being cool lol