The incredible and insane outfits of Mick Jagger

This will be the start of my many ideas that I have for many different musicians. This one needed to be done first just in case there are still people out there that don't know how incredible this man is and how completely ridiculous he is. Just try to guess which ones are insane and which ones are awesome. They often overlap 😀
  1. Where do I buy something like that and how much is it? These are questions I need answered now! Also I could never get away with wearing those pants
  2. Really trying to get that Willie Wonka role I guess
  3. One of those pics where it looks like half Jagger and half Bowie.
  4. Looking pretty damn fantastic. You should really try to build up those leg muscles though man. You look like a pink frog
    Or a flamingo
  5. I love the pics where it looks like Jagger could have been the lead singer of the Stooges instead of Iggy Pop
    And that would have been awesome by the way!!! Just imagine it!!!
  6. Got that middle age mom vibe.
    I just noticed the three coke bottles? Is that code for something?
  7. What?
  8. He can't pull that off anymore. Some would say he couldn't than lol.
  9. I'm losing my mind making this damn list
    Was he trying to be Richard Simmons at one point?
  10. From now on I'll only pose for pics like this
  11. Classic Jagger
    Stop saying this man was in shape. He is really unhealthy lol.
  12. What?
  13. Looks like Tim Curry as "IT"
  14. Seriously what the hell is he wearing??
  15. Old Jagger
  16. This list will almost certainly be ongoing
  17. Umm what?
    I feel like I need to say calm down Mick Jagger. Just calm down dude.
  18. I hope he wore that to his local grocery store or something. Otherwise I really don't know why you would bother.
  19. What the hell is that? I know that I'm no fashion guru here but good god man.
  20. This list is back baby! With an ugly red vengeance.
    That thing has to be so expensive I bet. Are those scorpions?
  21. That's a lot of red man. I actually like this one a bit lol
  22. Maybe my next list should be called "wrinkly rockstars" or "wrinkly wrockstars" if I want to be a complete idiot lol
  23. I'll never not have material for this list 😁😀
    I want that outfit actually. Immediately! The ladies will love it lol. Or not 😁
  24. Pure rock n roll baby lol