Things I have bought at thrift stores

This will be an ongoing list of course :)
  1. All of these records at different times
    But not the PlayStation 2 and not the Xbox 360 lol and also not my nieces pink crocs lol. More of these records will surely make a few of my future lists :)
  2. Breaker! Breaker! Starring Chuck Norris
    This ridiculously awesome movie lol god it's so bad!! But it's so bad to the point of absolute hilarity :)
  3. Over The Top Starring Sylvester Stallone
    The most fitting name for this movie. By far the most over the top movie that Stallone has been in and that is no easy feat!!!!! Another great find! Lol and awesomely bad movie lol. I found this one the same day as the Chuck Norris movie lol
  4. Out For Justice Starring Steven Seagal
    Picked this up the same day as the other two movies lol all Seagal movies are so bad I find myself howling with laughter
  5. This Genesis history vhs
    Has a lot of live performances and stuff and it is so awesome!!! And pretty sure that made this when they were still together. Like in the early 90s this was made I think lol
  6. Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life
    Of course I love all Monty Python movies so I was excited to find this! It's not for everybody but it's definitely for people like me and my sense of humor! :)
  7. Chris Isaak Beyond The Sun live DVD
    Love this! I just picked it up like last week at this super religious thrift store that kept playing terrible christian Rock Christmas music. But I found this so I was good :) and if you are into that kind of Christian music I apologize for trashing it. I'm sure I love you even if you do like it :) it's just not my thing lol. But I love Chris Isaak! I wish that store was playing Wicked Game :)
  8. Private Eyes by Daryl Hall and John Oates
    love this cassette even though I hate the sound quality of cassettes. I can get over it when I'm listening to it lol. Fantastic album still! Wish I actually had the vinyl!!
  9. Main Offender by Keith Richards
    Eh. It's an ok solo album. It's cool to have! Can't say I listen to it often though lol
  10. She's the Boss by Mick Jagger
    Read my thought about the Keith Richards solo album and you will know my thoughts on this one :)
  11. It's Hard by The Who
    Love this album!!! Before The Who went off a cliff. All bands get bad eventually. Or get not as good. But even though they lost Keith Moon this album was freaking awesome. Losing Keith Moon sucks though. Wait this is the second album they made after Keith died isn't it?
  12. Face Dances by The Who
    I believe THIS was the first album after Keith Moon. I still could be wrong! This is album is way better! You Better You Bet is such an incredibly well written and wonderful song :)
  13. Whatever the hell this is lol
    Bought it as a joke lol I am definitely not a cowboy lol not even a little bit!