I understand some these. And even like them. But sometimes she confuses me with the things she loves lol
  1. Eddie Vedder
    She doesn't like Pearl Jam or any of his music. She just loves his looks lol oh and she loves when he sang Comfortably Numb with David Gilmour. But nothing else he does lol she's so damn strange 😊
  2. She loves Investigation Discovery which is fine. I used to watch it too. But the problem is that she worries about everything. Similar to me lol but she lets these shows scare the hell out of her. It's not healthy lol
  3. She pulls her own hair all the time. I don't know why lol she loves it I guess 😂
  4. Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot. She loves this song sooooo much!
    I love it too! ❤️
  5. My god she is so in love with Jon Bon Jovi. Like it's uncomfortable to hear her talk about him lol
  6. This list will continue shortly lol
  7. Turn the page by Bob Seger. One of her all time favorite songs!
    I love it too!
  8. Secretary stuff
    Yeah it's her job but she talks about it the way I talk about music lol it's a weird thing to love but hey that's cool I guess lol 😊
  9. She so loves these hallmark original movie super cheesy romantic comedy stuff. I mean it's cool it's just not my thing lol
    But she thinks I love them? I don't know why lol.
  10. My ex
    She really wants me to get back with her lol. I'm like gee mom I'd love to but her boyfriend might have a problem with that lol.
  11. She loves the diy network more than the I.D. network. I've watched so many shows about building houses with her lol
    I actually enjoy those shows better than the hallmark movies she watches and the damn I.D. network lol.
  12. My god she loves Bruce so much!
    She can name like 5 songs but hey she's still a fan lol I love Bruce too! I'll make a list of my favorite Springsteen songs eventually lol 😊
  13. Telling me to cut my hair
    She just won't quit lol. I've cut it short before and it won't happen anytime soon. So drop it mom lol.
  14. She really really loves telling me to cut my hair! I think she mentioned it like twice even after I posted that. I'm about to just shave my head bald and see how she likes that lol