I swear we love each other. But we can really fight about ridiculous things. She's 13 years older than me by the way. I'm 24. We are grown ass adults lol though some of these arguments were when we were much younger lol.
  1. Whether Chester Bennington of Linkin Park was a good fit in Stone Temple Pilots
    Mandy is like a 90s purist and hated that Bennington was the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots a couple years back. I said that it was a good move cause he is a great singer and he sounds good doing their songs. Pretty simple lol. But me and sis always have to fight about something lol.
  2. If GNR and Guns n Roses were the same band
    Don't even ask why my sis thought these were separate bands. Blew my mind lol. This argument was way longer than it should have been.
  3. I said my girlfriend at the time was beautiful and she said "oh you mean like your kind of beautiful or actually beautiful?"
    Not gonna lie I was angry beyond words at her for that jab lol. Also had no idea where that came from lol wasn't like her to say that.
  4. She said the Deftones don't belong on the heavy metal channel on Sirius xm. I about lost my mind lol seems silly but I take music seriously lol.
  5. Lots of arguments when she was pregnant lol it's going to happen I know lol can't even remember specific ones. I think I said her hair looks nice one time and she got mad at me lol.
  6. Whether or not it's ok to watch the Cosby Show or anything Cosby related. I said that Heath cliff huxtable is not Bill Cosby. You can't take that away from me lol no matter how bad the man is. His work can still be watched and appreciated. She kinda agreed but still had to argue about it lol.
    Silly sis
  7. Whether console games or app games are better. This argument is ongoing lol
    Console is better obviously.
  8. More to come for this list when we have more fights lol and also when I can remember more.