I'm beyond emotional recently and damn near anything can send me into a pool of my own tears. But crying isn't terrible for me. I'm sure I'll get through this eventually. I'm a rolling ball of anxieties and emotions.
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    An episode of Walker Texas Ranger
    Take my word for it it was a sad episode ok??!! 😭😭😭 Even though it was so ridiculous.
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    An episode of Bubble Guppies
    The one where they make the troll cry and all he wanted was to learn how to do magic tricks 😭my nieces were here so that's why I was watching Bubble Guppies lol
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    There's more but they have to wait right now. Live list FTW
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    Watching people cover Chris Cornell songs
    I'm still in shock over that. Also it's so beautiful and sad when people cover his songs! I love it but it makes me cry 😭
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    When I relax and stop doing housework and maybe get in the bath but all there is to do is think about you. So I cry. But also thinking about you is the most beautiful thing I could ever think of.
    I hope you are ok. I'm very proud of you. But also so sad. But I won't tell you that because I don't want you to worry about my ridiculous self. If you ever get li.st I hope you tell me first so I can delete this.
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    When I go to preheat the oven for my frozen pizza and than realize I have to wait for that and also 30 minutes to actually cook the pizza. What fancy ass pizza is this?
    Not actually crying but I'm on the verge of tears
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    Roger Moore RIP 😭
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    I feel like I could make a separate list about all the songs that make me cry. So I'll leave them for that lol I'll just say music for now has made me cry lol 😭
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    Anytime I hear your name or see it spelled 😭 though it also makes me feel love too ❤️
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    When I can't talk to people in public like a normal person even when I try. I try hard! Than I get back to the car and cry.