My last couple of lists have been sad. And I've been in a deep hole of sad emotions. So I thought I would try to make myself feel better by focusing on things that make me happy and make me smile 😁
  1. Finding new friends 😁
    It's hard to do in my every day in person life but everyone I meet here on are so lovely and amazing people and that makes me happy! 😁
  2. Going to local bands shows
    I do actually have a lot of friends around here and a lot of them are in bands so I go to their shows a lot and that makes me very happy 😊 I love all music so much and I really love supporting my friends and supporting local music ❤️
  3. Getting genuine compliments.
    Obvious lol but it does make me happy 😊
  4. Getting to see my amazing nieces and nephews and all of my family 😁
  5. Cooking something delicious and devouring it 😁
    And savoring it and enjoying my work lol
  6. I'll add more when I think of them. Always have this problem 😩
  7. Going to the store without having any issues with the cash register
    Very underrated happiness. Because I seemingly always have issues when they ring up my stuff
  8. This list sucks
  9. No. I shouldn't do that lol stay positive moron.
  10. Me deciding to not drink vodka during my sad times is making me happy 😊 I know it would be a bad idea if I did drink vodka now.
  11. Eddie Vedder's voice makes me happy
  12. @plaidflannel makes me happy every single day without fail 💙❤️💚