I'm a walking ball of anxiety. So here's many things that make me anxious and could easily send me into an attack. But I'm working on getting over them lol
  1. Whenever I hear a knock at the door.
    It terrifies me!!! I just want to run and hide even though that's absolutely insane. And it's usually someone nice. Like the UPS guy. And it literally just happened like an hour ago! This list was inspired by that UPS guy lol
  2. Whenever people ask me about Jesus
    Look I like the guy but it makes me uncomfortable when I get that question randomly at a thrift store as I'm buying a vinyl album with questionable cover art of half naked people on it.
  3. Being in a large group of people I don't know
    Pretty basic anxiety stuff lol a lot of people hate this lol. At the same time though I love being around people. So it's strange lol
  4. When one of my friends leaves the conversation and that leaves me talking to a friend I barely know.
    That always goes well! When there's not mind numbingly long awkward silences!
  5. Going to the store by myself.
    I'm actually much better at this now. Unless I can't find something.
  6. Driving
    Once again I'm much much better with this! Unless someone is following me for too long. Than I get suspicious lol.
  7. Flirting
    If only I could flirt like a normal person without becoming insanely nervous. I hope I can find someone who is into the tall nervous anxious guy lol.
  8. Getting broken up with
    Didn't really need to put that here lol
  9. Not having enough friends
    Always makes me anxious lol
  10. When people my parents know ask about my ex
    I love her with all my heart and I always want her to be happy. But why are you talking about her to me random stranger who's friends with my parents?
  11. If I remember more I'll add it. But this is a good anxious list for now lol 😀