1. I still love you
  2. I'll always love you
  3. I'll never stop
  4. As much as I say it when I'm alone you will never hear it
  5. But I know you still know it's true
  6. I know you still feel it
  7. You are living your life
  8. Your are happy
  9. And that makes me happy :)
  10. But I know you still feel it
  11. You don't think about me often
  12. But I know you still think about me
  13. I love when when I get those random texts from you 😊
  14. That's how I know you still feel it
  15. We are 4 thousand miles apart and don't talk often but but I know it's still there.
  16. I know a part of me is still with you
  17. A part of you will always be with me too
  18. I love you forever and always woman ❤️
  19. My heart ❤️ is with you always and your heart ❤️ is with me always 😊
  20. I'm always thankful that you entered my life 5 years ago 😁 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  21. You know most of my friends I see on a regular basis don't even know this emotional stuff about me so I hope someone appreciates it out in li.st world lol still even you don't it's still nice to get it out lol 😊❤️