Don't need no intro.... I'm drunk
  1. Vodka and Powerade is the greatest idea ever.
    No headaches and no dehydration and total awesomeness!
  2. What's on my TV?
  3. Need to change the channel
  4. All my love by Led Zeppelin is such a great song
  5. The Clash are legendary. But honestly rock the casbah embarrasses me.
    Please look up the discography of The Clash. They have much better songs
  6. Eminem is amazing because he can do silly comedy and serious/angry raps. And it's all awesome.
  7. The Darkness are an incredible band. But I beg you to listen to more than just "I believe in a thing called love". Cause they got way better than than just that song.
  8. Oh god Angel from Montgomery is such a beautiful song 😍😍😍😍 I always knew this but it needs to be said. John Prine is a perfect songwriter.
  9. Alice in Chains are great I don't care what my brother and sister say. Sea of sorrow is a badass song
  10. Maybe this list will continue. Maybe I'll fall into oblivion. Who really knows lol
  11. I love singing The Wanderer by Dion even though it's not my personality or how I am even a little. But damn it's a fun song 😀
  12. I don't think there was ever a song that spoke to me more than "Nothingness" by Living Colour. It's not a bad thing though! It actually makes me feel wonderful 😀 it's so beautiful in its darkness