What's Rod Stewart's hair doing this time???

A list about the hair of Rod Stewart throughout his career and what the hell that thing is doing because it really is it's own being at this point.
  1. Young Stewart. Back when his hair had length. Than a bunch of middle aged moms stole his haircut.
  2. My god it's so big. I could make my hair look like that too if I had endless supply of gel and hairspray. Middle age mothers really love his hair for real.
  3. Really works better when it's short. Still would love to know how he makes it look messy and together at the same damn time. Cause you know that hair doesn't move at all.
  4. How many colors has this thing had??
  5. He put a hat on that thing? Odd choice when you put so much work into that damn hair. Maybe this was a bad cut situation.
  6. Must have been raining this day
  7. Is it gel or hairspray??? Cause it looks like neither?? But that is surely impossible.
  8. When he goes to a new hair stylist does he just say "I want the Rod Stewart". Because I would totally do that. Hell I might do that at my Wednesday hair appointment lol.
  9. This list will continue soon!
  10. I love that he's got two basic styles. The lay down messy but together hair and the standing straight up together but messy hair lol.
  11. Crossing over into Barry Manilow territory just a little lol.
  12. Aww look at sad Stewart 😥
    If I use the same pic don't be too shocked. I can't remember if I have or not lol.
  13. This... lol holy shit I love this lunatic.
  14. Is there an industrial fan in front of him or something?