Wrinkly Wrockstars

Pretty self explanatory lol. Also this is NO attack. It's purely fun and with love.❤️ I love everyone on this list! Mostly. At the very least I respect them lol. And even though they are very wrinkly they are still absolutely badass!
  1. David Lee Roth
    Absolute psychopath
  2. Paul McCartney
    Badass Paul
  3. Mick Jagger
    2nd place in wrinkles maybe lol see my Mick Jagger list for more pics lol
  4. Keith Richards
    Pirate wrinkles
  5. Bob Dylan
    The pinnacle of songwriting and the pinnacle of wrinkles
  6. Robert Plant 🌱
    Happy wrinkly badass
  7. Iggy Pop
    Made of wrinkles at this point. Totally badass still. Not as insane these days.
  8. Brian Johnson
    Mainly wrinkly when he sings. He always looks like that when singing lol
  9. Neil Young
    Singer/songwriter extraordinaire. Super wrinkly too.
  10. Robby Krieger
    Guitar player for The Doors 🚪 and certified badass
  11. Steven Tyler
    Could have picked from like a thousand examples of this awesome crazy lunatic man :)
  12. Patti Smith
    I love this woman so damn much! She is the best wrinkly wrockstar!
  13. Rod Stewart
    Still looks great and I don't know how that's possible lol he still sounds pretty great too. Wish he would join the Faces again though.
  14. Billy Idol
    Equal parts awesome and damn terrifying! Is wrinkles stretched out skin a thing? Like it's tight skin but still wrinkly as hell. Still love hearing his rough ass voice though.