Why I love my parent's backyard.

  1. 1. This swing I relax in after working out.
  2. 2. Their faith tastefully displayed.
  3. 3. The stray cats who moved in 2 years ago. (2 of the 3)
  4. 4. My dad built them a little house and my mom bought the beds so they won't be cold in the winter.
  5. 5. This fountain. Love listening to the water. The cats also use it for their water source.
  6. 6. This solar turtle who glows at night. The black cat peed on it the first day.
  7. 7. The barn. Not really a barn but what we call it since my dad built it in the 80's.
  8. 8. They have not one swing but two.
  9. 9. This building my dad bought when I moved home to go back to college. It has all my stuff and doubles as his work shop.