If chef columnist Dana Cree is to be believed, nobody does vacation as poorly as chefs. For more on what happens when you introduce "leisure time" into the go-hard-or-go-home kitchen schedule, read her latest: https://www.chefsfeed.com/stories/341-chefcolumns-dana-cree-on-the-chef-vacation
  1. Double hours in the days preceding, scrambling to make sure everything is in place/covered.
  2. Work right up until leaving for the airport
  3. Force cooks to email after every shift with updates
  4. Schedule nine stages in four days
  5. Worry about produce order
  6. Worry about a fridge going down
  7. Worry about that private party
  8. Worry about someone quitting
  9. Worry about that new dish
  10. Consider canceling
  11. Drink a Mai Tai