I'm a pretty basic white girl, so these may not apply for everyone...
  1. Katy Trail Ice House-- it's super chill. I can wear graphic tees there and people will laugh at them
  2. Katy Trail-- not to be confused with Katy trail ice house. It's actually a really nice walking trail that goes through uptown. People like to rollerblade on it. And unicycle.
  3. Concrete Cowboy-- This is where girls go to meet douchebags. But the music is always bangin and the energy is crazy. I will also say that this is the only place where I have danced on a bar... 😔
  4. Klyde Warren Park-- It's so neat, and there are food trucks there almost always!!!!!
  5. HG Sply Co-- This is a paleo restaurant (H- Hunter G- Gatherer). The food and the ambiance is amazing. Their bar is on the roof. ON THE ROOF! And you get to look at the Dallas skyline and just feel so happy with life.
  6. Kung Fu-- This is another chill bar. I like it because all of the arcade games are freeeeee! Guys will be like "Can I buy you a drink?" And I'll be too busy to answer because I'm playing SkeeBall and "CANNOT BE DISTRACTED GODDAMMIT!!"
  7. Del Friscos-- This is where the steak is.
  8. Max's Wine Dive-- this is located in West Village in uptown and I adooooore their Chicken Fried Steak. Also their slogan is "Fried Chicken and Champagne... Why the hell not?!" 😂😂 Gets me every time. Also the Mac and Cheese is YASSSS!