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  1. I like the Manning family
    That 30 for 30 on them is amazing. Can't believe all Archie went through in college.
  2. He is about my age
    Give it up for Generation X!
  3. He quotes 80s movies
    Find the Wall Street Journal article on this and read it immediately.
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  1. Shoveled every four hours
    I live in a basement apartment. Had to do it so I wouldn't be trapped.
  2. Went sledding on Capitol Hill
    It's legal now! Thanks, omnibus.
  3. Tried to sled on a cookie sheet
    Learn from my mistake
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  1. Got my hair cut on Monday.
    Prepared to meet cute, single neighbors while shoveling snow. (Also reminding myself to pitch my idea to Shark Tank of gloves for men that show whether or not they have a wedding ring.)
  2. Went to grocery store Tuesday. Got the staples: bread, eggs, Pop Tarts, Oreos.
    And salad, tomatoes, two kinds of ginger ale, chips, a frozen pizza, black beans, and some Chex mix. And a lot of other stuff. It was sort of intense, even on a Tuesday night. One guy was yelling about random topics and was escorted out by security.
  3. Charging my electronic devices
    Think of all the file organization I can do on my laptop if the internet goes out!
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One time we were in the car and they said "tell a story," so I made up one with random animals. That was more than a year ago; they request new stories with these animals every time I see them. I love it. Also, this is an ever-changing list.
  1. Karma the chameleon
    He is the lead character in all stories.
  2. Mary the mouse
    Don't come at me with a copyright suit, Disney.
  3. Timmy the Tiger
    He is often the bad guy
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She is my Paul Bunyan of packing smartly and lightly for any sort of travel.
  1. Jamie Roberts once packed for an entire weekend in a clutch purse.
  2. Jamie Roberts used only a carry-on for an excursion to Antartica for 6 months of research.
  3. Jamie Roberts packed for a youth retreat with only a coin purse and wrist wallet.
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  1. Did some work
    Plenty to do, so most of my time was actually working.
  2. Watched the second carpool karaoke video with Justin Bieber and James Corden
    12 minutes well-spent.
  3. Ate a red vine
    There was one in a package next to the coffee pot.
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  1. Holly flew here from Pittsburgh instead of driving.
  2. No one else knew Laura was pregnant.
  3. Nicole's boyfriend is so young that he roomed with one of my interns almost 2 years ago. When he was also an intern.
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Requested by my CCM spirit animal, @lishsticks
  1. Steven Curtis Chapman
    I bought a T-shirt at The Great Adventure concert. S C-squared is always #1
  2. Jennifer Knapp
    If you didn't have the Kansas album, then you probably didn't go to church.
  3. DC Talk
    I remember being in high school and driving around blasting "Jesus Freak." Loved that song.
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I already made friends over 35 learn Snapchat with me. Time to learn something new.
  1. BJ Novak
    Because he invented it.
  2. Mindy Kaling
    Because she knows BJ Novak
  3. Melanie Martin
    Because I actually know her in real life.
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