How I Am Preparing for the Blizzard

  1. Got my hair cut on Monday.
    Prepared to meet cute, single neighbors while shoveling snow. (Also reminding myself to pitch my idea to Shark Tank of gloves for men that show whether or not they have a wedding ring.)
  2. Went to grocery store Tuesday. Got the staples: bread, eggs, Pop Tarts, Oreos.
    And salad, tomatoes, two kinds of ginger ale, chips, a frozen pizza, black beans, and some Chex mix. And a lot of other stuff. It was sort of intense, even on a Tuesday night. One guy was yelling about random topics and was escorted out by security.
  3. Charging my electronic devices
    Think of all the file organization I can do on my laptop if the internet goes out!
  4. Told my landlord that I plan to dig about every two hours so I won't be trapped in the basement below two feet of snow accumulation.
    He also said he would keep an eye on my situation.
  5. Made a plan to get my taxes done
    Because this weekend will be a good time to organize that stuff.
  6. Brought my borrowed copy of "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" in from the car
    I figure that book combined with my closet will occupy much of my time.
  7. Replied to emails from people asking if I am ok
    So far, I am good....