One time we were in the car and they said "tell a story," so I made up one with random animals. That was more than a year ago; they request new stories with these animals every time I see them. I love it. Also, this is an ever-changing list.
  1. Karma the chameleon
    He is the lead character in all stories.
  2. Mary the mouse
    Don't come at me with a copyright suit, Disney.
  3. Timmy the Tiger
    He is often the bad guy
  4. Charlie the chipmunk
    Charlie's request he has a unique green strip and lots of money from contests he has won in several stories.
  5. Eddie the Acorn
    Charlie's best friend. He has a backpack that Eddie travels in. Eddie only says "I'm Eddie! I'm Eddie! What's up what's up what's up?" Or laughs.
  6. Simeon the spider
    Simeon's request He shoots lots of webs. And he has suction cups to help him stick onto walls.
  7. Samantha the snake
    Not Simeon. But sometimes.
  8. Ethan the elephant
    So we could include Ethan.
  9. Ethan the crocodile
    He didn't care what letter it started with. This is what he wants to be. This animal often finds markers on every adventure, be it in the jungle, in a cave, or underwater. A new addition from Ethan for Thanksgiving 2015.
  10. Evan the Eagle
    They want Ethan to be an eagle because they are both "e" words, but he refuses. This is the other E name Charlie knew.
  11. Lenny the lizard
    He and karma are good friends.
  12. Freddy the fish
    They have underwater adventures sometimes
  13. Owen the octopus
    Props to Charlie for helping me think of an "O" name.
  14. Henry the horseshoe crab
    The boys watch a lot of Octonauts.
  15. Ellie the elephant
    Charlie and Simeon often want an elephant in the story, but Ethan doesn't always play ball.
  16. Ghosts
    They often want ghosts in the story. These are often bad guys. But sometimes they request good ghosts, too. Popular ghosts are shark pirate ghosts, including captain Pegleg and Jammerhead (they are the main sharks).
  17. Sally the salamander
    She is good friends with Karma and Lenny.
  18. Tony and Tom and Terrence the Tigers
    They team up with Timmy sometimes for nefarious purposes
  19. Chester the cheetah
    My nephews don't know about Cheetos.
  20. Freddy the Frog
    Charlie says this animal's favorite drink is "Diet Croak." I literally laughed. He also said he likes "french flies."
  21. Sharpie the shark
    Charlie named this animal. I insisted we could do better, but he insisted on this name.
  22. Kickster and Kick the Kangaros
    Again, they insisted.
  23. Stinky the skunk
    Sometimes Simeon wants to be this and this is also an animal they named.
  24. Willy the whale
  25. Bonnie the bull
  26. Penny the praying mantis
  27. Iggy the iguana
  28. Allie the alligator
  29. Loxy foxy
    I told Chicken Little earlier and they liked the name "Foxy Loxy." They said we should name ours Loxy foxy so it will be different.
  30. Lurkey the turkey
    Charlie said they can rhyme sometimes
  31. Candy the caterpillar
  32. Kick the kangaroo
  33. Bashy the buffalo
  34. Slowpoke the sea turtle
  35. Kenneth the king crab
  36. Nellie the narwhal
  37. Ted the turtle
  38. Walrene the walrus
  39. Hipster the hippopotamus
    Charlie says he has coffee and a camera and a beret and a mustache and sunglasses. That is also what hipster whale has on a game he likes.
  40. Betty the beetle
  41. Pip the penguin
    He is really cute because he is a baby, according to Charlie.
  42. Cooky the caterpillar
  43. Reggie the Robot
  44. Scorp the Scorpion
    He likes to sting ghosts
  45. Hi the hyena
    He likes to team up with Scorp -- he attacks while Scorp pinches and stings