Things I Did at the Office to Kill Time Before My 7:30 Bible Study

  1. Did some work
    Plenty to do, so most of my time was actually working.
  2. Watched the second carpool karaoke video with Justin Bieber and James Corden
    12 minutes well-spent.
  3. Ate a red vine
    There was one in a package next to the coffee pot.
  4. Got mad at the printer
    That probably still counts as work
  5. Wondered if the guy who shamelessly scans Tinder at Bible study would be there tonight.
    Haven't seen him in a few weeks. In his defense, we hadn't technically started when he went on a swipe-fest and I looked over his shoulder.
  6. Wondered if the building was on fire.
    Thought I smelled smoke, but it went away.
  7. Wrote an email to a friend.
  8. Read stuff said by a bunch of jerky people on social media.
  9. Checked this app for new lists from friends
    Didn't see one, so I made one.