Things I Did During Snowzilla

  1. Shoveled every four hours
    I live in a basement apartment. Had to do it so I wouldn't be trapped.
  2. Went sledding on Capitol Hill
    It's legal now! Thanks, omnibus.
  3. Tried to sled on a cookie sheet
    Learn from my mistake
  4. Made a snow angel
  5. Did a front dive into the snow
    Thanks to the encouragement of a friend
  6. Threw snowballs at pals from church
    But I skipped the official fight where we were supposed to divide into teams based on whether we were born in the 70s or 80s. Ummmmmm.....
  7. Ran into Sen. Jeff Sessions and his wife
    Had a pleasant conversation about the snow, Alabama, and his daughter who I know from college. Nice folks.
  8. Watched the NFL playoffs at a friend's house
    It was so good to see different walls
  9. Cleaned out my sock drawer
  10. Set off the smoke detector when making a frozen pizza
    Again, #GlamorousLife
  11. Watched season 4 of "Homeland"
  12. Returned texts, emails, and messages from people making sure I was ok
    Thanks folks!
  13. Let my landlord borrow my shovel
  14. Had lunch at Sticky Rice with a friend
    We had an Abbott and Costello routine with the waiter when we were asking if they had fresh sushi. "Yes, we have fresh sushi. And noodle bowls -- check out the whole menu!" We tried to clarify & asked if they had a hard time getting deliveries in the snow. "We use a third party service for delivery. You call and order and they pick it up and bring it to you." I ended up getting a bento box.
  15. Had dinner at the Queen Vic with a friend
    We cheered with the crowd for whatever soccer match was on. The crowd's team won!
  16. Reorganized some books I was planning to read
    They are now in a different stack.
  17. Took some photos of the Capitol in the snow to use on Facebook for work on Monday