Everyday Technology Fails That Are Incredibly Irksome

Some first-world problems of people who have come to rely on technology working well and getting pissed off when it doesn't.
  1. Xfinity.
    When you (I) record (for example) the one-night-only episode of Luther on Thursday, and see it being recorded, yet Xfinity decides to delete it from the list of recorded shows and not make it available via on demand when you/I want to watch it on Friday.
  2. Kindle hops.
    When a random gesture on my Kindle takes me to a new part in a book and I can't easily find my way back, and my randomly visited page is now the "furthest page read" even though it's not.
  3. Apple Watch haptics.
    Even set on high, there are times when I'm in the zone and don't feel the watch's vibrating reminder to stretch/move. A near-perfect day/week/month ruined unless I stay up v late and remember to stand!
  4. Xfinity again.
    There is an "auto extend" setting for football games but not for the programs that follow. Does "The Good Wife" EVER start on time east of the Rockies?
  5. How's my sleep?
    Trouble with the Microsoft Band's sleep restoration assessments and recommendations. Sometimes it suggests I should not have alcohol before bed. Is that really Microsoft's business?!
  6. The list doesn't have to end here.
    If you have problems with your electronic drone, toothbrush, razor, hoverboard, water ionizer, baby food maker, isolation tank, high-speed blender, game console, anti-gravity table, sleep number bed, Play-with-me Elmo, etc., add them below!