Things I Do Instead of Writing

How do I procrastinate? Let me list the ways...
  1. Sharpen scissors by cutting aluminum foil.
    I read about this on the Internet so it must be true. But if not, it can't hurt to have sharp scissors.
  2. Brew tea the old fashioned way.
    I have a great Flavia machine that will deliver a hot cup of Earl Grey or Green Tea with Jasmine in 90 seconds. But instead of facing a blank screen, I'll boil some water, swirl it around a ceramic teapot, dump that out and boil fresh water. That will go into the teapot with some loose tea measured into a tea ball (or strained later, brewer's choice). Takes a minimum of 10 minutes thanks to all the boiling and steeping.
  3. Mix up a marinade.
    I'll start by juicing fresh lemons in an old-fashioned reamer, using a fork to fish out the seeds. I'm making Lemon Rosemary Chicken - a lovely, easy dish that I modified by doubling the marinade and using chicken thighs instead of bone-in. It's based on this recipe:
  4. Repair jewelry.
    Fixing a broken clasp, restringing a bracelet or mending an earring are excellent distractions. They are relatively quick and, unlike online activities, when I'm done I've actually accomplished something on my to-do list.
  5. Practice Spanish.
    Gotta love Duolingo's easy, bite-sized language learning app. While I can't carry on a conversation in Spanish, my vocabulary has improved. Mas. Or is it mucho?
  6. Create a list.
    Like this one. Case in point. What are your best writing rechargers?