An short list for tourists in doubt.
  1. Yellowstone National Park (YNP) is America's first national park.
  2. YNP is not an f'ing petting zoo.
    The animals are wild. If the get spooked they could kill you.
  3. YNP is large. Though Montana gets a lot of the credit, most of the park resides in Wyoming.
    But come on by. We love visitors that like to spend their hard earned vacation money.
  4. YNP is basically a giant volcano. It sits atop a massive volcanic caldera that, when it erupts, will most likely cause a mass extinction event.
    Think about that if the thought crosses your mind to walk off the path and on to the surfaces of the hot springs and mud pots. I'm not saying you'll trigger the end of the world but...
  5. YNP is not your personal playground.
    There are rules in place established by people smarter than you in order to preserve and protect the land and wildlife for everyone. Don't be a bro and get with the pro...gram!