A (wholesome) list of random things I only do when I'm home alone.
  1. *Not* put on the radio on the morning.
    When I wake up alone, I really revel in the silence of the morning. There is no talking, no singing, no Steve Inskeep.
  2. Order dinner from Chicken Hut.
    He *hates* this place- he finds the gazillion chickens splayed on the grill revolting--but I love the efficiency, the salsa, and the speed at which they deliver.
  3. Fall asleep to my melancholy playlist.
    I would fall asleep with my headphones in all the time growing up and when I was single, mostly to Ghost (Indigo Girls) and Happiness (Alison Krauss). I revert to this when going to bed alone.
  4. Sing in high falsetto.
    I tend to stay in chest, upper chest, or just above the break when he's around and I know he can hear me. Alone, it's basically Maxwell and Christine from Phantom.
  5. Make lists, apparently.
    This one will change as I start on this listing journey...